Thwaite Mills - Stourton, Leeds

1932 - 120hp Marshall Engine

Restoration by Tony Simons and Keith Brown

Our first 'working' trip was in October and our plan was to install the missing big ends and to check the other two. Also to install rings on number 3 piston and lower it in the bore and connect it up.

Well we achieved what we set out to achieve, we fitted the big ends, one needed some minor scrapping to achieve a good fit. We bolted them up but they needed split pinning next time we come as I hadn't any 1/4" dia. pins with me.

The flywheel had pockets cast in around its periphery and we found a long bar someone had made so we could bar the engine over. It moved freely and continued to do so when we had 3 pistons connected.

We attached a ratchet winch to number 3 piston so we could lift it out of the bore to install the rings and then lowered it into the cylinder. In the floor above the engine were 4 holes coinciding with the centre of each cylinder which had been obviously used for attaching a chain to allow the use of a winch.

The reed valves for the crankcase were in a bad way and I fetched one home so I can have 8 new sets laser cut. Keith took the water circulatory pump home to free up and repair.

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