Thwaite Mills - Stourton, Leeds

1932 - 120hp Marshall Engine

Restoration by Tony Simons and Keith Brown

Our second trip aimed to put the split pins in the big ends, clean the head and gasket. winch the head in place and bolt it down. We achieved it as well. We had a set back in that the decompresser valve was broken off the head and we had to get the broken stub out. Anyway thats a winters job for me - making 2 more as the valve is missing from number 4.

Putting in the spilt pins proved problematic on a couple of nuts as the bolts had been drilled off centre. Each nut was numbered to the corresponding bolt but we still had to 'adjust' the castle on a couple of the nuts.

We also had to put our joinery skills to the test as we needed to remove part of the wall to get the head into the engine room! There is hardly enough room to walk down either side of the engine,

The gasket was coated in Wellseal before fitting the head and then we pulled down the 8 x 1 1/8" Whitworth nuts evenly. Lets hope it doesn't leak!

The water pump was put back in place and we looked at altering the pipework so we only need one cooling tank of water. each tank is 8'x8'x6' and that's a lot of water!

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